HealthBP has pushed ahead with exploration in the Gulf of Mexico when other corporations backed off. Its discoveries embrace final yr’s Tiber uncover in the Gulf, which may have four to 6 billion barrels of oil in place. The 35,000-foot effectively, the deepest yet, was drilled by the Transocean Ltd.-owned Deepwater Horizon.

Earlier the corporate was exempted from an environmental affect examine and spill contingency plan, each of which contributed to the growing disaster. Now with a real emergency, untested blowout preventers are nonetheless used, and no new rules are anticipated or enforcement of present ones, despite tons of of working Gulf rigs (some in deeper waters than Deepwater Horizon), any of which might leak, possibly explode, and launch additional contamination.

BP’s shares tumbled $5.forty eight to $29.20 Wednesday on quantity 9 occasions above common. The drop came amid some hypothesis regarding the company’s future – in a Fortune interview, oil analyst Matt Simmons stated BP’s “lawsuits, cleanup and other bills” will pressure the corporate into bankruptcy all through the month. It’s been greater than seven weeks given that Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, killing eleven folks and causing the oil spill. On April 19, the day earlier than the disaster, BP shares closed at $fifty eight.86. Since that point the inventory has plunged by 50.four%.

With every cash and legal modifications.

BP Plc govt Doug Suttles stated Thursday the corporate was apprehensive about “erosion” of the pipe at the wellhead. Might twenty fifth, 2010 Want to focus on BP oil spill theories which might be percolating though the rumor sphere? Go for it here. Kessler mentioned oxygen depletions haven’t reached a important level but, however the oil continues to be spilling into the Gulf, now at a worth of as so much as 60,000 barrels a day, consistent with U.S. government estimates.

Last year, Nigeria had 2,000 vigorous spills. These have been definitely not all on account of Shell’s operations, however the quantity of oil launched into the wetlands has been steadily on the rise with production increases by quite a lot of companies. Sir Mark, who was knighted in 2005, instantly used his Libyan contacts in BP’s drive to win gasoline and oil contracts within the nation, flying with the then BP boss Lord Browne to fulfill Gaddafi within the desert.

So it’ll take some time to get all that stuff in place.

James: Appropriate, and that is not uncommon, Mark. Anytime you are drilling an oil effectively, there is a fixed battle between the mud weight, the drilling fluid that we use to handle stress, and the wellbore itself. There is a steadiness. The properly is pushing gasoline a method and also you is likely to be pushing mud the opposite manner. So there’s a delicate stability that must be maintained at all times to take care of the gasoline from coming once more in, what we title the kicks. You understand, we at all times get fuel once more throughout the mud, but the intention of the entire situation is to try to control the kick. Not allow the stress to distinguish between the vessel and the wellbore.

Arne de Geus labored for a really long time with Royal Dutch Shell, a significant oil drilling outfit. I assume in my Web search I brushed up in opposition to or left behind a path of “cookie” crumbs on account of this morning, in my e-mailbox, or perhaps attributable to my visitor weblog entry at Manageable Ants entitled “Shrimp Linguini Lagniappe”, up pops a press release. RDS is the corporate whose exercise has spawned actions studied by folks like John Robb throughout the Nigerian Delta, the place the people indigenous to the realm being exploited usually take issues into their very own hands. What has occurred within the Nigerian Delta may and possibly has spawned full threads, books, even movies. At any charge, this confirmed up on my desktop this morning; make of it what you may.


The financial toll of the oil spill catastrophe inside the Gulf of Mexico escalated Wednesday as BP’s stock plummeted to a 14-yr low and fishermen, businesses and property owners who have filed harm claims with the company angrily complained of delays, extreme paperwork and skimpy funds which have put them on the verge of going beneath.

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Last Modified: February 22, 2018