Health-vidI used to cowl the ability enterprise (oil, fuel and various) right here in Texas, and the few specialists throughout the oil subject – along with geologists, chemists, and so forth. – ready or ready to even converse of this BP event instructed me early on that it’s seemingly the whole reserve will bleed out. Sadly none of them would possibly say with any certainty simply how so much oil is throughout the reserve in question as a result of, for one thing, the oil trade and secrecy have on a regular basis been synonymous. Based on BP data from about five years in the past, there are four separate reservoirs containing a complete of two.5 billion barrels (barrels not gallons). One in every of many reservoirs has 1.5 billion barrels. I seen an earlier put up proper here quoting an Anadarko Petroleum report which set the general quantity at 2.three billion barrels. One New York Cases article put it at 2 billion barrels.

Because the oil continues to circulation and a slick of over 2,000 sq. miles collides into the Gulf Coast, comparisons to the Exxon-Valdez destruction of Prince William Sound in Alaska begin to fall brief. Right wing media, unable to fathom the breadth and depth of this catastrophe, unwilling to simply accept that now we have now launched this on ourselves, not capable of justify the usual so what” response to environmental crises, have decided to offer attention to conspiracy theories. On the extent of pure speculation, the Limbaugh crowd has raised the specter of a terrorist assault.

Might 18, 2001. It’s common apply in America.

A whistleblower filed a lawsuit in the mean time to strain the federal government to halt operations at another massive BP oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, alleging that BP by no means reviewed essential engineering designs for the operation and is due to this fact risking another catastrophic accident which may “dwarf” the corporate’s Deepwater Horizon spill.

It raises troubling questions of agency negligence related to the present spill. To date, no trigger has been decided, nevertheless at least two areas will probably be investigated – a cement seal in place to take care of oil and gas from escaping, and the blowout preventer, ocean floor valves meant to shut off the nicely in an emergency. MMS information show Transocean’s troubled historical previous with every, together with in 2006 when regulators found a blowout preventer failed, partly from poor repairs. In 2005, a failed cement seal precipitated drilling fluid to leak.

A transition or breakdown was already afoot.

The Atlantis rig is even bigger than the Deepwater Horizon rig that sank in April. It started producing oil in 2007 and will produce 8.4 million gallons a day. On the evening time of April 20, minutes after an enormous blowout ripped via the Deepwater Horizon, the rig’s desperate crew pinned all hope on this final line of protection.

Till the government releases particulars of the geology underlying the spill site, of us is not going to have an appropriate image of the oil spill state of affairs. And failure to release such info might stop ingenious scientists from coming up with a workable solution.


June 1, 2010 – The Obama Administration presently opened a prison investigation into all the occasions before, all through and because the April twentieth explosion that triggered the most important environmental catastrophe in human historical past. (If it’s not now, will probably be.) – This investigation goes to finish badly for everybody.