HealthAs probability would have it, I used to be assembly final week with Louisiana lawyer Daniel Becnel Jr. when word got here in of the platform explosion. Daniel represents oil workers on these platforms; now, he’ll symbolize their bereaved households. The Coast Guard known as him. They’d discovered the emergency evacuation capsule floating within the sea and had been afraid to open it and disturb the cooked our bodies.

On Dauphin Island, Alabama, a barrier island and seaside resort, sunbathers discovered tar balls alongside a brief stretch of seashore on Saturday, and consultants had been testing the tar to determine if it got right here from the Gulf spill. Wildlife and environmental teams accused BP of holding back data on the true dimension and have an effect on of the rising slick, and urged Obama to order a more direct federal authorities operate inside the spill response.

Jon Jarvis, director of the Nationwide Park Service, and Rowan Gould, performing director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, had been sent to the Gulf to help lead efforts to protect coastal communities. Gould is a veteran of cleanup efforts following the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident, the worst U.S. oil spill ever.

Ilargi: Matt Simmons is conscious of oil.

Fitch’s downgrade would possibly make it costlier for BP to borrow, significantly if the opposite scores companies comply with its lead. The corporate has round $5bn of cash reserves, and has spent higher than $1.6bn preventing the spill. The National Iranian Drilling Firm (NIDC) has provided to assist the US in efforts to stop an ecological disaster attributable to the spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fitch’s downgrade may make it costlier for BP to borrow, notably if the opposite scores firms comply with its lead. The corporate has around $5bn of money reserves, and has spent higher than $1.6bn combating the spill. The Nationwide Iranian Drilling Firm (NIDC) has offered to help the US in efforts to stop an ecological catastrophe attributable to the spreading oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico.

Overlook about that. And there is a method to do it.

In a wide-ranging interview with Truthout, West described how the Justice Division (DOJ) abruptly shut down his investigation into BP in August 2007 and gave the company a “slap on the wrist” for what he says have been severe environmental crimes that should have despatched some BP executives to jail.

The vitality commerce has run out of helpful, extreme-quality assets to take advantage of, and is now compelled to turn to sources it beforehand passed over: poor, soiled, difficult, expensive assets reminiscent of tar sands, heavy oil, shale, and deep offshore. Beneath relentless pressure to do extra with much less, individuals are extra prone to try to chop corners wherever doable, and environmental security is susceptible to endure. Before it lastly crashes, the massive ultimate effort to wring the last few drops of power out of a depleted planet will continue to serve up larger and greater disasters. Perhaps the ugly aftermath of this latest accident will trigger enough people to proclaim “Enough! Shut all of it down!” However when not, there’s at all times the subsequent one.


Public health may be affected from contaminated fish, water, rain, and air from oil smoke and vapors – issues that won’t abate for years because oil is a toxic brew and enough contaminating the atmosphere causes an array of health problems, including potential chemical poisoning (hydrocarbon pneumonia).

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