HealthAmong the many individuals Stupak’s committee needs to talk to is BP effectively web site chief Donald Vidrine, one of the prime two BP officers on the Deepwater Horizon on the time of the blast. For those who’re experiencing health results associated to the oil spill, contact the Louisiana Poison Middle: 1-800-222-1222. The Poison Heart is staffed 24-hours a day and may provide medical administration suggestion.

BP’s Douglas, the senior regulatory and advocacy adviser for the company’s exploration and production unit, obtained verbal approval from an unnamed MMS official at eleven p.m. on March 11 to insert the cement plug about 750 feet (229 meters) above the bottom of the opening, the e-mails showed.

The report adds to the climate of frustration and criticism coping with the Obama administration within the monthlong oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, though it covers actions earlier than the spill. Thousands and thousands of gallons of oil are gushing into the Gulf, endangering wildlife and the livelihoods of fishermen, as scrutiny intensifies on a lax regulatory climate.

He mentioned a whole lot of the others did as nicely.

Different exams showed that two “blind” shear rams have been obligatory for security -not only one. Proper this moment, eleven of 14 Transocean rigs have two, the other three were built earlier to DW Horizon. Overlooking the brand new US drive for slapping extra UN sanctions on Iran over its civilian nuclear program, the company stated that there is an pressing need for motion to guard the nearby coasts from the advancing oil spill.

Within the wake of the BP oil disaster, SolveClimate tried to contact Dr. Charles Paull of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Analysis Institute, the lead writer of the report. He was unavailable for comment, attending a world workshop (-eye-nz-methane-deposits-seafloor-mining-122790) on methane hydrates analysis in New Zealand from Might 10-12, and based on his assistant, out of email contact.

Would possibly 18, 2001. IT has already occurred!

BP’s frequent spill plan, which was updated final summer time, reveals that the company’s claimed skills have been out of sync with the realities of the spill. Beneath the plan, BP stated that the worst spill from a cell drilling operation would come from a lease known as the Mississippi Canyon 462, about 33 miles off the Louisiana coast. A blowout of that lease would possibly discharge a mammoth 250,000 barrels a day, BP stated, 50 instances the estimated circulation of the present leak. But BP claimed to have in place sufficient booms, stocks of dispersants and skimmers to cope with a spill far in excess of the amount it is now struggling to comprise.

But in response to an eyewitness report broadcast on Sunday on 60 Minutes, BP managers made the choice to decrease stress inside the properly column by eradicating drilling mud sooner than the cement had solidified in three plugs Halliburton had poured. No means at current exists to provide oil and gas to market from such water depths!(emphasis in unique).


OSHA levied additional fines in September 2005 for 301 violations, and in April 2006 for 2 “willful violations” over its shutdown procedures. These figures, offered as an act of giant magnanimity, are such a tiny share of BP’s revenues as to be virtually inconsequential. Environmental catastrophe, financial catastrophe, what is the distinction?